Sunday, June 28, 2009

Doubles Canoe with and Olympic Gold Medalist

I was lucky enough to get to paddle with my friend and Olympic Gold Medalist, Joe Jacobi. This photo was taken after our Doubles Canoe Run down the Wausau Course. What a privilege!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Savoring being home
Leading student, Lily Kraft, down the Wausau Dam
The Hooligan Champion Team
(From left: Lauren Buress, Laura Palmer, Sarah Dodge, Hailey Thompson, Henry Heyman, Simon Ranagan, Dane Jackson, and Jack Heyman)

I've been pretty busy lately. On Tuesday, I got home from FIBArk Whitewater Festival, out in Salida, Colorado, where I competed in Wildwater Nationals, Freestyle, Slalom, and Hooligan Rafting. I paddled Pine Creek and the Numbers of the Arkansas (both of which are gorgeous runs). I also managed to bring home some decent results: 3rd at Wildwater Nationals, 4th in Women's Junior Kayak Freestyle, 3rd in Junior Women's Kayak Slalom, 1st in Junior Women's Canoe Slalom, and my raft team won the Hooligan Race!
Once I got home, I began volunteering at the Ray McClain Kayak Camp, teaching begginers how to paddle, which was very satisfying.
After several days of teaching, the annual WACKO race rolled around. I did quite well, bagging 1sts in Canoe and Kayak, and getting the privilege of paddling with Olympic Gold Medalist, Joe Jacobi.
And now, I have a day to be at home and rest before the wandering soul that I've become takes to the road again, this time to Canada and the Junior Olympics...who knows where this journey will take me?