Thursday, September 4, 2008

Senior National Championships

Senior National Championships were held at ASCI (Adventure Sports Center International) wich is an artificial whitewater course in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. The course is really unique, because its not only built using concrete, but real rock as well. I went to the course on Monday for training, and met up with Cathy Hearn, my coach, and the other C1W's training for the event. We trained in at least one session every day that was going really well for me, I was definitely feeling confident on Friday (the day before the race). Saturday rolled around, and I was still feeling good. The race was an afternoon race, so the athletes spent the morning walking and re-walking the course....generally killing time. Once the race started up, I got into my gear, warmed up, and got into the start gate. The first run passed by in a blur, and I came out with the fastest C1W time by a long shot....I was very happy. I made the mistake, however, of racing in the Women's kayak class as well. I came into my second C1 run a little too tired, and a little to apprehensive...the run didn't go very well, and I dropped to third place. In kayak, I finished a satisfying fifth...pretty good for not specializing in that category.

All in all, I felt good about the event, and came out with a bronze at Nationals!

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Cara Marks said...

Hey good job at Nats! Hopefully I can see you at a race/training camp when my shoulder gets better. I love those pictures!