Saturday, July 12, 2008

Junior National Team Trials

We headed out to Colorado for this event, which was held on the whitewater park in downtown Golden. It's a beatiful place, and a nice, fairly easy course. I got out there a week early, so I could get some extra time on the water, and train with some coaches. Coaches Raffal Smolen and Chris Wiegand worked with me, and I feel like they made a massive impact on my paddling style that week. Unfortunately, in the days leading up to the race I got really sick, some sort of stomach flu I guess, and I was really weak by the time the race rolled around. I still raced, but didn't do very well. I still finished second in C1W, but couldn't keep myself together enough to finish well in kayak. Oh well, I guess I'm too young to make the team anyways, so I'll just give it my best shot next year.

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