Tuesday, July 22, 2008


For those of you who read my blog, I'd like to clarify some things. I'm sorry if terms such as "C1W, K1W, and C2" don't register, I should've explained this earlier. I oftem use these terms when I'm talking about slalom paddling. Slalom is when you paddled down a river through certain gates, going downstream thru green gates, and upstream thru red gates. You gain a 2 second penalty if you touch a gate, and a 50 second penalty if you miss one entirely. C1W, K1w, and C2 are categories that I race in. C1 and C2 stand for Canoe 1-person and Canoe 2-people. The canoes are decked, and look alot like slalom kayaks, but you are kneeling and using a single bladed paddle, rather than sitting and using a double bladed paddle (as you would if you were in a kayak). K1 stands for Kayak 1-person. The W attached to the end of C1, K1, and C2 classifies my gender (W standing for womens). If the W is left off the end of the abbreviation, it means the racer is a guy. In the case of a C2, you can have C2W (Doubles Canoe Womens), C2 (Doubles Canoe Mens), or C2Mixed (Doubles Canoe Mixed).

I also refer to "Freestyle" alot. Freestyle (also known as playboating) is when you enter a hydraulic (a wave or a hole) and try to throw tricks. There are tons of different tricks, (I don't know the names of alot of them ; D), and they take alot of practice to become consitant. When you compete in a freestyle competition, it is called a Rodeo.

I'm sorry for any confusion my readers have had. Please, If you ever have any questions or comments, feel free to tell me!

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