Friday, July 25, 2008

No way, Flatwater?

It wasn't exactly the adrenaline rush I'm normally looking for, but my friend Olivia and I decided I nice little float-trip would be fun. And it definitely was. It was a gorgeous day, and we paddled a beutiful little strecth of the Plover River. We actually did run into a class 2 little rapid, but ran it dry (whew, we didn't have and air bags). We took a break and swam and had a picnic, and all in all, had a great day...even without the whitewater!


Olivia said...

Hey there Hailey!!! Wow, that day was such a blast!! My mom loves the picture of us. Well, I hope you have a great time at camp- I know you will! See you when I get back from Wyoming!

Hailey Thompson said...

hey livie!
miss ya already,
have a blast in wyoming!